Animated with ambition

Certified trainer and devoting a great interest in fitness and self-improvement fields, I dedicate this blog to share with you my personal journey, and discuss about subjects related to training, nutrition and all which revolves around fitness lifestyle, more generally. Over 8 years of practice, I have acquired a broad knowledge in weight training and dietetics. At the same time, I experimented several training methods allowing me to transform my physique and to continue improving it over time.

About 2

Fueled by passion

When I started going to the gym at my debut back in 2012, I had never tought I’ll be that passioned about training and improving my nutrition in a healthier way. During the process, I always wanted to keep making progress and reaching the best looking version of myself. Besides, seeking a better performance at the gym, leads me to have an interest about studying the overall science behind training, nutrition and how they interact with the body. Performing my body transformation through the years, have made me able to share my expertise with people around me and help them better themselves too.

Craft the Body, Acquire the Mindset and Enjoy the Lifestyle

Conscious about the huge impact of a healthier and a good looking body on improving your self-confidence and mental feeling, I create personnal programs that will consider your profile as a unique individual. From building muscle mass to cutting and loosing fat, it will fit the most possible your preferences and optimize your results. In addition to the physical aspect, following a challenging program will help you develop a stronger mindset and discipline to start getting the most of your life, and move forward in the quest of reaching your thoughest goals. If you are motivated and ready for the challenge, I’ll be glad that we collaborate together. Stay connected, because you deserve to get your best physique ever too !